After you have known how TikTok algorithms work, it is very important to try and find out how well you can personalize your TikTok For You Page. We all know that TikTok is an app for discovery. Even if you are picky and you decide that you are only going to follow five accounts, you will still have some exciting content to follow and enjoy. With the few accounts that you have followed, you can still spend hours scrolling without exhausting all the videos. To help TikTok users get the most out of their profile, it is important to take action and make sure that the For you Page delivers content that will interest you. Here is how you can easily personalize your For you page
Get your category selection well
This is the first thing that you should never fail to get right if you wish to be successful in TikTok without going to buy tiktok fans. When you join TikTok for the first time, it is very obvious that you will be prompted to select your category. At this stage, you are expected to select categories that interest you. You can choose travel, pet, sports, or even beauty among other categories. TikTok will use this information to generate content that may interest you in the For you gage and news feed. You will have recommendations of pages that you can follow, like, and engage. TikTok will always rely on the category that you have selected to come up with your version of your For You page feed.
If you don’t select any category, Tiktok will start by recommending and offering you feeds that are general. This can be feeds of popular videos for the sake of getting the ball rolling and getting instant tiktok followers.