So what happens when you accidentally leave your key in the office, get home late, and you are not in a position to contact a Auto locksmith? Or, you walk out the front door only to realize you left your keys on the leaving table? Or worse, you lock your keys in your car?

There are multiple ways you can use to successfully pick a lock, and without even breaking it. Here are some ways to sort you out;
Lock Picking

There are some locksmith tricks everyone should know when it comes to unlocking doors without a key. Lock picking is one of the most silent and popular ways to unlock your door. You are going to need some ‘tools’ to carry out this exercise; a pin (bobby pins work well) or paper clips.

While it may seem simple to use this technique to open locks, it actually needs some practicing to master it. First, put the tension wrench in the opposite side of the lock, from where the key normally rest, put the rake in the lock in the direction the key would go, work the rake in the lock, pushing, pulling, and twisting.

Drilling should always be the very last solution when you are pushed right into the corner and do not have an otherwise. This is because the drill destroys the lock completely and you will have to make a lock change after that. It therefore should be used in emergency times.

In any case, you need to find the right size drill, and drill the top key path part. Don’t use too much force, drill each pin slowly and make sure to have eye protection as metals may fly.
Use a Knife

For whatever reason, you could be having a butter knife in your purse, or a similar-looking knife, it could get the job done. It may sound destructive but when used with utmost focus cam achieve the goal without actually destroying your lock. Like lock picking, this may also require some mastered techniques.