Thailand Smoking Ban Goes Into Result


The brand-new smoking cigarettes restriction in Thailand bars and restaurants holds and also from what I have actually observed the law is being dealt with like any kind of other regulation in Thailand. What I mean is, some facilities have actually already established cigarette smoking locations, others say you have to smoke outside the dining establishment or bar, and others are overlooking the law altogether.


The factor for ignoring the restriction might be that it will certainly not truly be applied for a number of months. Instead of stiff penalties being provided, there will be warnings and also education and learning up until the end of May, 2008.

However, then, the penalties will certainly be high. If enforced, smokers can be fined 2,000 Baht (around $62 US dollars) and place owners will certainly be fined up to 20,000 Baht (over $600 US dollars).

This will certainly require bench as well as restaurant proprietors to enforce the regulation on their residential property. If the ban simply penalized smokers, the establishment proprietors would completely ignore it.

This is nothing actually new. Thailand has actually banned smoking in medical facilities, federal government buildings, as well as train stations for a few years now. This is just an extension of a currently existing regulation.

We have a similar regulation in Hawaii. It is a little bit a lot more strict in that we can not smoke within 50 feet of the door of the establishment. The regulation additionally gives penalties for cigarette smokers as well as bar as well as dining establishment owners.

As a smoker, I was a bit peeved initially at the law, yet as time has actually passed, it is really no big deal. If I need to tip outside to smoke it is immaterial.

I am currently checking out Khon Kaen, Thailand and head out nearly nightly. I have not been to any kind of bars yet I have actually gone to many dining establishments. Among my faves, La Mai, has actually established a smoking cigarettes area near the toilets. Smile dining establishment permitted me to smoke at the table. And, Bu-Sa-Ba dining establishment has a little, covered cigarette smoking area in the back of the restaurant.

So, in between now and also May 31, ask your waitress or waitress if it is alright to smoke. If they have a cigarette smoking area set up, please utilize it. If you need to go outdoors to smoke, such as at Kit’z COFFEE SHOP, then simply sit at the table and have your cigarette.

I am not sure just how the major vacationer locations, Bangkok, Pattaya, as well as Phuket, are mosting likely to respond or what the impact on tourist will certainly be. I would certainly guess that starting on June 1, 2008, there will be a crackdown to show individuals that the federal government is major regarding the ban.

So, if you are preparing to go to the Land of Smiles, as well as you smoke cigarettes, make sure to ask if it is ALRIGHT to smoke prior to you brighten. Otherwise, you might have to pay a lot.

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