Italy is a beautiful place for vacation. The rich history of the country makes it such a vibrant tourist spot. Apart from exploring the beautiful and aesthetically pleasing cities, you can do so much more in this country. Go to the countryside, live a cottage core life for a few days, or go to wine tasting. After all, Italy is the country of fine wines. Especially in the hilly region of Tuscany, you can try degustazione vino chianti.

How to participate in wine tasting?
If you are travelling under a tourist agency, you can contact them or ask them about any wine tasting event. If you are a traveller with no tourist guide, then check the website of the wine labels. For Chianti Classico, you can check their label site, and you will get all the details regarding degustazione vino chianti.
Through the wine tasting event, you can meet other wine lovers. Travelling to a new place is fun when you make new friends and learn more about their respective culture. Besides, while you are at the event, you can enjoy the hilly regions of Tuscany and the surrounding land. The Chianti Classico is made from Sangiovese Grapes. These grapes are harvested in the oldest vineyards located about 600m above sea level. So, while wine tasting, you can enjoy the beautiful view from the vineyard and learn a few things about the harvesting process.

If you enjoy wine tasting, you can participate in events in your city. You do not have to travel to Tuscany for it. Over the season, wine tasting events are taking place. Getting in touch with the community can help you get better insights into it. You can check your local vineyard or wine label, if any. You can enjoy it with your friends and partner.