LITELUME Is the manufacturer of the greatest electrical appliances and components that could support all layout, installation, and routine maintenance of hazardous location lighting.

This Supplier ensures the provision of products and professional services of the peak capacity and with the maximum quality expectations to meet the requirements of electricians, engineers, and individuals in charge of power direction at various services. It’s the ideal ally for its implementation of light projects exactly where you would like to attain the best lighting rates, minimum initial investment, energy effectiveness, security, and visual relaxation.

Every Detail counts within these endeavors and tasks, therefore it’s quite convenient to follow along with lighting fittings that meet certain needs for in door and outside areas in safe problems.

Top Quality Services and products

This Is your market’s most useful business, dealing with an accumulation of lighting manufacturers and spouses. Because of thisparticular, it is possible to provide the optimal/optimally lighting products for most clients.

They Can be purchased from flood light fixtures ideal for risky installations where you will find flammable and gases substances such as fuels, lubricants,etc..

Even a Location characterized as hazardous necessitates special products to assure facilities and people’ security at all times while using the ideal lighting for their operations. Within this way, heat beams are not large enough to cause explosions.

The Led acorn post top fixtures can also be quite durable lighting options and specially developed for setups understood for their traits too hazardous.
Riskfree Lighting

Petrochemical Industry centers, fuel service stations, aircraft hangars, vehicle workshops, are just one case of what are called dangerous websites.
These Sites need special ventilation, light, and electrical issues to fulfill their operational needs in a safe environment. The LED canopy light is an ideal solution to provide the ideal lighting from hazardous spaces both inside and out doors, or also whether it is residential or commercial installments which prefer a much safer and more durable lighting process.