Before the economic collapse, the following are some of the things that you will need to do:
Stockpile the necessities
To have water and extra food, it might be a good idea generally, particularly if you happen to be living in areas that have inclement weather affecting life daily. To prepare for an economic collapse, you will need to have at hand months of rations.
There is a need to have food which is enough stockpiled, which at a minimum, should last you for a season without anything coming in that is grown by you. Store adequate water for months and ensure that you have various ways in which you can be in a position to purify water in future supplies.
You should also stockpile enough of medical supplies because doctors might be in short supply after the collapse that is major. Another thing for short supply is electricity. There is a need to have things which you will require in case of a power outage including how you are likely to cook food, and to ensure that you are kept cool or warm depending on the season. And you should not forget to put into consideration measures for home security.
Build some bags for bug out
Depending on the economic collapse severity your city or town could become quite dangerous which might leave you with no choice other than leaving it and going to a bug out location? But at first, you will want to ensure that you have bags for bug out for your family as well as for yourself. You might as well have some to use for your pets. You need to consider getting a good vehicle bug out. If all you have is a small vehicle, it might be difficult to get to your bug out location using it.