The Camargue is a sacred terrain one enters it as being a faithful goes in the sanctuary. It is really an tropical island of 75,000 hectares found in the Rhone Delta. With this sacred property, going to good friends progress, and you will definitely be surprised at everything you find out.

To learn the Camargue, it really is essential to take into account its superb when you go to its fauna and flora. For years men have been protecting it to provide you with contrasting countryside as well as a varied fauna that invites anyone to uncover with each other. Identify the Safari inmanadecamargue, camargue competition, abrivados, bandidos and encierros through the manade camargue votive festivals.

Manadier of horses and bulls of Camargue breed of dog, Thierry and Isabelle allow you to apprehend this mythical terrain featuring its fauna, flora, traditions, and customs. Not even close to the vacationer trails, uncover the Camargue in 4×4 in the business of the region manual who will reveal their desire for the Camargue together with you, which is challenging to permeate by itself. Through taking the paths, you will cross the marshes, the ponds through which reside a amazing fauna and flora (flamingos, herons, egrets, guépier, samphire, saladelle). Ongoing your escapade, you will head to meet horses and bulls in real administration.

La Canada des chanoines is located in the raphe, a compact village next to arles, and gives you an immersion within the Camargue nation throughout the visit of the manade, the ferrades, as well as the safari character. As part of the good quality strategy, these are part of the “heritage ambassadors” group and manage these tours for folks and groupings every day, throughout the year.

A family finding in 4×4

The Camargue is actually a territory loaded with living traditions, endowed with unique biodiversity. Established through the Rhone delta, the Camargue expands from arles to Saintes Maries de la Mer, completing throughout the salins de Giraud for the eastern side and Aigues-Mortes for the western. From the coronary heart of this outstanding website, we are expecting you aboard a realistic 4×4. Engage in the unconventional trails in the petite Camargue. Find out Camargue historical past and traditions, horses, and bulls.